Raúl Pleitez

Hi! I'm Raúl.

I'm a Software Engineer working remotely on multiple projects around the world. I have 12 years of experience building and designing software, and sometimes leading teams. I love to read and learn about new technologies. Traveling with my wife is my passion. Making coffee, playing video-games and watching series are my hobbies.

My experience includes (but not limited to): creating interactive 2D and 3D web apps (web games), VR/AR experiences, physics simulations, developing tooling, creating synthetic data for ML training, RPC/REST APIs, microservices, infrastructure design, integrations, networking, and more.

I'm experienced in the frontend and backend. Some projects publicly available I have contributed significantly and side projects of my own are:

  • MonsterEOS: a tamagotchi and battle game in 3D using Three.js, React.js, TypeScript and C++ smart contracts for the EOS Blockchain. I'm the second-biggest contributor of the project.
  • UnrealGAMS: a simulation engine based on UE4. Using C++, GStreamer, OSC and UE4 blueprints.
  • rt: ray tracer for learning purposes. A CPU-only ray tracer to render 3D scenes written in Go. It's a work in progress.
  • Camera gizmo for Three.js: three.js plugin to get a gizmo in your 3D scene to rotate the scene to different views (front, back, right, left, top, down). It's written in TypeScript.
  • symbotic_ros: this was for me to experiment on creating ROS (Robot Operating System) packages that could communicate using the OSC protocol and talk to an Unreal Engine 4 OSC client. ROS package written in Python.
  • cryptopals: this is a set of challenges to learn cryptography and how to do real-world attacks. It's agnostic to the programming language, so I decided to solve the challenges using Go. It's a work in progress.

Most of my work is not publicly available, but currently in my daily work I use (but not limited to): Go (The programming language), Node.js, React.js, TypeScript, Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, GitHub Actions, Drone CI, GCP, Firestore, Google Pub/Sub, Cloud Functions, Cloud Run, Redis, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, MongoDB, gRPC, Protocol Buffers, etc.